Friday, June 18, 2010

Field of Bamboo & What Jack Created

If you make it, they will...exist. Before I get into this, let me say that I tend to write more the way I do in my fiction than as a name-dropper or a link-linker. Think of me as a balding Bukowski with his Henry Chinasky days long behind, with maybe a Sideways reality yet to come. Come to think of it, I'm more like Philip Kindred Dick, with my Sideways Panopticon, black helicopters, and Cheshire Rumsfeld in the summer foliage. Deal with, because some people couldn't. *cough* Cathaginians *cough* On with the show.

I had mentioned during the days I was trying like Lapidus to get this thing off the ground that I had a sort of timeline for the Sideways reality, but I should amend that. This is not to say that in comments or a future edit, I, or you all everybody, might add info re: Hurley & Libby & Dave & all the other manifestations that I DO NOT believe were Man in Black constructs, but rather the Sideways reality bleeding through. I believe that this occurred when Desmond helped Oceanioc 815 to crash. Perhaps there was a tear after The Incident in 1977, but we'll never know, will we? It may have closed over time, and Desmond missing his 108 minute button push openerd it back up. It couldn't have been when he did the whole failsafe routine, because during S1 and S2 we saw dimwit's horse, Frank Duckett's voice in the Whispers, and possibly Yemi. I cannot believe, even though the producers have stated as much, that the Medusa spiders that paralyzed Nikki and toilet-flushing Pauolo were MiB manifestations. (I don't necessarily think the spiders were Sideways, but they came from, and disappeared to, someplace. Another example of the producers not even touching on the convergence of the realities in S6.)

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